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The Comedies of High Culture

November 07, 2016

West Hollywood’s eternal glam turns up for three straight months through to New Year’s Eve. Dig a little deeper than the holiday bonanzas and sparkling drink-a-thons with a handful of exhibitions and live performances. Don’t worry, they’re legitimate LA-centric events too.

Cartoons: Art of America’s Car Culture

Get in line for LACMA’s (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) ongoing showcase of CARtoons magazine, originally produced in Los Angeles in 1959. Featuring illustrated models from Corvette to Mustang, and predictions for the future.

Beyond Bling: Jewelry From the Lois Boardman Collection

Don’t exit through the gift shop yet: LACMA’s Beyond Bling show comes highly recommended as a shocking, and oftentimes political, exploration of nontraditional jewelry and reveals the techniques behind its manufacture.

Comedians You Should Know

Garnering rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, Comedians You Should Know is a hilarious cohort of five Chicago and Los Angeles-based funnymen. Live every Thursday night, this might be the perfect Thanksgiving pit stop post family dinner.

people walking through the street lamp display at LACMA

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