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From Agrabah to L.A.: The Tale of a Boy and His Magical Lamp

March 07, 2018

Everyone knows that if you want big screen blockbuster entertainment, you go to L.A., and if you want Tony Award winning live theater, you go to New York. In recent years, however, the historic Pantages Theatre has been on the forefront of bringing Broadway’s best right here to the city of Los Angeles. For over two years, audiences from across the world poured in to the Pantages to catch the larger-than-life production of The Lion King, Disney’s classic tale of a royal son fighting for his rightful place on the throne and restoring life to the majestic Kingdom of the Pride Lands. Now Disney is back once again, this time with the tale of a wily street urchin who foils the plans of the evil court advisor to win the hand of the beautiful princess. With music by Broadway sensations Tim Rice, Howard Ashman, and Alan Menken, Aladdin the musical couples thrilling original compositions with all the best songs from the beloved 1992 film. Reserve your tickets today. The genie goes back into his lamp for the last time on March 31.

Address: 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028

Entrance to Cave of Wonders scene from Aladdin the Musical

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